May 21, 2005

wikipedia is becoming the source for answers

From John Battelle's Searchblog: Wikipedia and Search
A nice piece penned by Max Kalehoff. A ranking of all Web sites based on the total volume of traffic received directly from search engines placed Wikipedia at 146 in June 2004. But in September 2004 it jumped in the ranking to 93; 71 in December 2004; and in March 2005, it was the 33rd most popular site in terms of visits received from search engines. That means Wikipedia is impacting not only the trivial results of our Internet searches, but increasingly what content we consume and the types of answers we find to larger questions. This is a profound statement for anyone competing in the marketplace for attention to content and ideas.
Interesting. Wikis took off like weeds at work last year. The thing that's been most valuable about the team wiki is that's been a quick place to host a page that you need to share and possibly collaborate on. We *didn't* get a a beautifully tended garden like wikipedia. I think it helps that wikipedia its modelled on an encyclopedia -- the structure is simple and clear and there are clear ground rules for what an entry should look like. Posted by dapkus at May 21, 2005 11:00 AM