apple refurbs are slow to ship

I’ve had an G3 iBook for over a year now. I love it — a Unix based OS with clean look and real ease-of-use along with a suite of apps that feel like commercial software (, iTunes, iPhoto, etc). But the G3 is a little slow.

I recently discovered the refurb section on the Apple store and decided to take the plunge one of the refurbished aluminum G4 PowerBooks.

They initially promised a ship date 3 days after the order was placed. A month later, I’ve been told for the third time that they are still not able to complete the order. In the process, I’ve had several unsatisfying customer service experiences after long holds on the phone (I needed to change the shipping address because of the delay).

I remember waiting a month and more for PCs from Dell — so, it’s not like I’m not willing to wait. But I wish Apple had given me an accurate ship date before I ordered. All in all, it’s left me feeling less enthusiastic about doing business with Apple.